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Mantis, Installation, Photography

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Mantis is a mixed reality project that includes four new photographs and two video sculptures.

In this speculative future, human presence is felt only in the nostalgic capitalist objects and architecture of the past. Condos, malls, store facades, computers, led screens, and gardens merge to create an interstitial atmosphere of transformation. Some of the objects have mutated and assume the shapes of exceptionally resilient natural and animalistic forms. The AI has focused on a particular insect to achieve a superior sense of sight and mind.

The installation focuses on "Flower, A Mall with Two Sharks" a 6 channel synced video sculpture in the shape of a flower. The video reincarnates forgotten stores inside Sherway Gardens (a Toronto mall). Most of the stores have gone bankrupt during the Covid-19 pandemic. The sculpture is surrounded and contrasted with photographs that depict nature as artificial, robotic and healing.