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Xam, Video

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A man opens a strange text, sending him into a wormhole. Traveling from London to Kiev and Paris, he tries to escape the virtual empire and return home to his family

Long Synopsis:
Xam is a sci-fi exploration on the future of surveillance and body hacking.

While in the London subway, an unsuspecting man opens a strange text, rendering him unconscious and dragging him through a wormhole. He awakes, lost, on the train tracks in Kiev, Ukraine, unable to communicate with friends or family. With the help of the hacker community in Kiev, and then Paris, the man harnesses alternative virtual transmissions in an attempt to find his way home.

Xam is told through an intimate, first-person frame and video collage to emphasize the increasing integration of human and technology. The story is inspired by the story of the filmmaker's grandfather who in 1905, was captured by the Russian Empire, but escaped somewhere in Ukraine by jumping off a train.

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